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Make A Wake Marine

Console Mounted SS Pro T-Top (Light Duty)

Console Mounted SS Pro T-Top (Light Duty)

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Make A Wake Marine's SS Pro is a universal T-Top for a smaller size center console boat. It attaches directly to your console (4 x mounts) and is adjustable in width. You can also adjust the front to rear legs positions. This T-Top will lower flat for storage. It will fit any consoles up to 45 inches wide. It is made with a 1" thick strong and firm stainless frame. This t-top canopy comes in the color jet black.

Dimensions: T-top is 77" tall. The canopy is approximately 63" long x 47" wide.

Fully adjustable in height, installation width, and distance between front and rear mounts.
Up to 45 inches wide center console
77-80 inches adjustable height, can angle rear higher.

Installation distance between front and rear mounts is adjustable to fit most console.
63 inch x 47 inch material cover

Lowering the T Top
Detached the rear leg from the console.
Remove upper mounting bolt of front leg.
Loosen the bottom front leg mount.
Pivot the T Top forwards.
Loosen to of the rear legs if need.

1 Inch Polished 304 grade Stainless tube thick walled.
Stainless end fittings on tubes.
Stainless steel hardware.
Alloy mountings
Marine grade VIII, UV resist Acrylic cover.
Black color Material
The T-TOP SS Pro is great and easy to install your self. It is very adjustable allowing you to custom fit it to your console.

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