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Make A Wake Marine

Eco Pro+ T-Top

Eco Pro+ T-Top

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The Eco Pro+ T-Top from Make A Wake Marine is a size down from our popular Pro2 T-Top. The forward folding Eco Pro+ T-Top is designed for small to medium-size center console fishing boats. Usually in the 16'-19' range. The Eco Pro+ T-Top has an adjustable width to fit around consoles up to 43" in width. The Eco Pro+ T-Top build uses heavy-duty (thick-walled) 1.5" 6000 series anodized aluminum. This T-Top also comes with (4) FREE console standoffs to allow you to attach the Eco Pro+ T-Top to your center console for a rock-solid T-Top with no sway, wiggle, or rattle.

The Make A Wake Marine Eco Pro+ T-Top is the best folding T-Top on the market. By removing a few allen bolts, the T-Top folds forward with ease. Folding allows you to travel under low bridges on the water, parking your boat in garages and carports where most T-Tops will not fit.

The top canvas consists of a VIII grade UV resistant Marine Acrylic. Most other T-Top manufacturers use a drawstring canvas design that has to be weaved in and out for installation and removal. Our canvas, however, is designed to be removed easily with heavy-duty marine zippers and Velcro. Removing the canvas takes seconds and allows for safe storage while traveling down the highway and to decrease wear and tear on the top.

The Eco Pro T-Top's welds and bends are handcrafted by premier craftsmen with 15+ years of experience. All fittings are CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum. The frames are smoothed and polished, with an anodized for protection and minimal maintenance.




Height: 6'-5"

Width: Fits consoles up to 3'-7" wide
Front to Rear Legs Distance: 2'-0"
Length 5'-3"
Width: 4'-4"


  • The Eco Pro T-Top is made from high quality seamless 1.5" Heavy-Duty 6063 Aircraft Aluminum.
  • The fittings of the top are made from CNC Machined solid 6061 Aluminum.
  • All hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, ect.) are stainless steel.
  • Canvas consists of a VIII grade UV resistant Marine Acrylic


Products from Make A Wake Marine are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the following prescribed warranty period. We offer a five-year warranty for our house-made metal products: Wakeboard towers, boat t tops, and metal accessories. We offer a one-year warranty for products related to fabric, electronics, speakers, canopies, ballast bags, and pumps.
 For more info on warranty please Contact Us.
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