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Universal Ballast Bag 800 GPH Pump

Universal Ballast Bag 800 GPH Pump

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Universal Ballast Bag 800 GPH Pump. You will easily be able to reach your bladder anywhere in your boat from your helm dc outlet with our super fast-fill kit. This pump includes 12 feet of 12v wiring with an inline on/off switch and DC socket adapter and 9 feet of heavy-duty PVC non-kink hose. Includes 2 pump to fat sac adapters for quick attachment and detachment from your ballast bag. Our kit will fill or empty your fat sac at 107 lbs per minute.

Will fit almost all ballast bag brands.

Will fill or empty at 107 lbs per minute
Super Fast 800 GPH Pump
Powers up with a normal DC car lighter socket.
9 Feet of non kink tubing
12 Feet of 12V wiring and inline on/off switch

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