Become a Dealer

Becoming a dealer with Make A Wake Marine offers a host of exclusive benefits, setting our partnership apart in the marine industry. One key advantage is access to the best pricing available on our top-quality marine items. Dealers enjoy the flexibility of not having to invest in upfront stock; we take care of owning and maintaining the stock, allowing them to order precisely when needed. This arrangement empowers dealers to order when something is needed, and not tie up money for products to sit unsold on a shelf.


  • Best pricing on top-quality marine items
  • No upfront stock investment; we manage and own the stock for you
  • Flexibility to order precisely when needed
  • Lucrative opportunities for profit through product sales and installation services

Our products, renowned for their excellence, not only provide a lucrative opportunity for dealers to earn profits through sales but also open doors to additional revenue through installation services. The average installation price for a basic T-Top or Wakeboard Tower is $450-$650. Authorized dealers receive prominent visibility on our website, enhancing their reach and potential customer referrals. To provide dedicated support, each dealer is assigned a technical expert from Make A Wake Marine, ensuring prompt and comprehensive assistance with any inquiries.

Additional Benefits:

  • Prominent visibility on our website for authorized dealers
  • Dedicated technical expert for comprehensive support

With quick shipping or local delivery options available within 2-4 business days, dealers can efficiently fulfill customer orders, contributing to a positive customer experience. Additionally, there's a unique opportunity for new boat dealers to upsell our products as upgrades, enhancing the appeal and functionality of new boats with seamless installations, such as adding a T-Top to a center console boat upon its arrival at the dealership. Joining forces with Make A Wake Marine not only ensures a robust product offering but also provides a comprehensive support system for dealers to thrive in the dynamic marine industry.