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Make A Wake Marine

Walk Around T-Top

Walk Around T-Top

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The Walk Around T-Top from Make A Wake Marine is a universal T-Top designed for walk around or dual consoles. The Walk Around T-Top attaches directly to boat decks, tops, or can be side mounted. Walk Arounds Tops have no sway, wiggle, or rattle due to are heavy-duty (thick-walled) 2" 6000 series anodized aluminum.
The Walk Around T-Top can adjust accordingly up to 63 inches high and up to 76 inches wide. The canvas is 83 inches long x 70 inches wide to provide plenty of shade for your boat. The top also has a 60in-90in adjustable mounting distance from front to rear.
Our Walk Around T-Top has a removable cover for convenient storage. Remove the top while traveling down the highway or while parked to decrease wear and tear. The top canvas consists of a VIII grade UV resistant Marine Acrylic. Most other T-Top manufacturers use a drawstring canvas design that has to be weaved in and out for installation and removal. Our canvas, however, is designed to be removed easily within seconds with heavy-duty marine zippers and Velcro.
The Walk Around T-Top's welds and bends are handcrafted by premier craftsmen with 15+ years of experience. All fittings are CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum. The frames are smoothed and polished, with an anodized or powder coat for protection and minimal maintenance.


  • Canopy Size: 83" long x 70" wide
  • Adjustable height up to 63" tall based on mounting location
  • Adjustable width up to 76" between mounts
  • Adjustable mounting distance of 60"-90" between front and rear mounts


  • The Walk Around T-Top is made from high quality seamless 2" Heavy-Duty 6063 Aircraft Aluminum.
  • The fittings of the Walk Around Top are made from CNC Machined solid 6061 Aluminum.
  • All hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, ect.) are stainless steel.
  • Canvas consists of a VIII grade UV resistant Marine Acrylic


Products from Make A Wake Marine are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the following prescribed warranty period. We offer a five-year warranty for our house-made metal products: Wakeboard towers, boat t tops, and metal accessories. We offer a one-year warranty for products related to fabric, electronics, speakers, canopies, ballast bags, and pumps.
 For more info on warranty please Contact Us.
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