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Vertical Brace Standoff Kit for T-Top

Vertical Brace Standoff Kit for T-Top

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The 20-inch Vertical Brace Standoff offers a substantial enhancement in frame rigidity, catering to T-Tops with diameters ranging from 2.125" to 1.5". Crafted to bolster the structural integrity of your boat's T-Tops, this vertical brace kit is tailored for offshore and high-wave environments, ensuring minimal lateral movement and optimal stability. In instances where certain boat configurations limit the installation of all four console standoff braces, these standoffs provide an effective solution to reinforce the console.

Equipped with Quick Release mounting knobs, these braces facilitate swift removal for convenient folding of the T-Top forward. Constructed from heavy-duty Anodized Aluminum and stainless steel hardware, they are engineered to endure harsh marine conditions with resilience.

Compatible with all Make A Wake Marine T-Tops and various aftermarket T-Tops, this kit includes comprehensive mounting hardware for seamless installation, promising a quick and straightforward DIY setup process.

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